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RVM Systems!

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RVM Systems

We have 32 years experience!

"Over 5000 RVM Systems installed"

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Reverse Vending Corporation

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"Return your Deposit System containers for your refund"

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Are you looking for a Reverse Vending System?


RVM Systems

Reverse vending - RVM Systems automate the recognition, collecting and sorting of beverage containers for recycling or reuse. RVM Systems feature in all modern deposit return systems.


Return to Retail

Automating collection through RVM Systems offers a secure and efficient means to collect used beverage containers. RVM Systems are able to recognise,collect,compact and help to recycle thousands of containers each day.


Deposit Return Systems

For many years Deposit Return Systems (DRS) have demonstrated return rates from 70% to over 98% of sold used beverage containers. RVM Systems feature in all modern deposit return systems.

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RVM Systems - Reverse Vending

We have delivered thousands of RVM systems and have the best experience and know-how in the field of reverse vending machines. We will endeavor to find the best solution to your specific needs.
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1500 UK Engineers

Our service team monitor your rvm system 24/7.In most cases we rectify issues remotely. A site visit by an engineer is rarely required, however we do have UK Coverage with spares held in a local hubs.
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More than 2/3 of faults can be solved by telephone support and remote control management. Call for service Monday to Friday 8-20 and Saturdays from 10-16.
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Reverse Vending in the UK

We installed the FIRST Reverse Vending Machines in the UK over three decades ago. Today our clients have access to over 1500 fully trained engineers around the UK. We have a dedicated retail team in England,Scotland,Wales and Ireland.

We are so confident in our "Reverse Vending" reputation that we own the trademark "Reverse Vending".

Why choose Us?

We are a UK Company who happen to work globally in the Reverse Vending Industry, we therefore have both product knowledge and most importantly local knowledge. Our management team are experienced in the waste management recycling and the retail sector.

  • Over 5000 RVM Systems already installed.
  • We have 32 years experience.
  • RVM Systems in Norway, Finland, Sweden

Deposit Return Systems

RVM Systems are the centerpiece of Deposit Return Systems (DRS) producing return rates from 70% to over 96% Deposit Return Systems Simply Work!.

  • Circular Economy.
  • Quality Materials non contaminated.
  • Proven to increase Recycling

Our 360° Recognition System

New range of RVM Systems with the Instant Recognition of participating containers with our 360° degree sensing field and 9900 scans per second.